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SmartCharge New England

The Wallingford Electric Division (WED) is participating in a two-year data-collection program for electric vehicles called SmartCharge New England. Working with FleetCarma, a division of Geotab, WED will collect data on electric vehicle charging within its service territory.

WED is looking for customers with all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles to voluntarily enroll in this Program and allow FleetCarma to remotely record when their cars are charged. This data will help WED devise strategies to address the expected growth in electric vehicle charging. WED is offering this program at no cost to 25-qualified customers who are willing to make the 2-year commitment.

FleetCarma will provide all of the hardware and software necessary to collect and report the data. All the customer has to do is set up an online account with FleetCarma and plug a Connected Car Device (CCD) into their vehicle’s diagnostics port (typically located underneath the dashboard). Once plugged in the CCD does all of the work; the customer continues to drive and charge their car like they normally would. There is no cost to the customer for participating.

Customers interested in participating in SmartCharge New England can apply through FleetCarma’s website at http://www.fleetcarma.com/smartchargene-wed/. If accepted, the customer will be notified by  FleetCarma and asked to create an online account. FleetCarma will then mail the CCD to the customer along with instructions on how to register, activate and plug it into the vehicle’s diagnostics port. Once plugged in, the CCD will record when the vehicle is charged, connect to the local cellular network (no phone is required) and transmit the data to FleetCarma’s cloud-based server. Customers enrolled in the program will be able to access their charging statistics via their online SmartCharge Dashboard. The entire architecture is encrypted and secured from device to cloud to user interface. The collected data is confidential and will not be shared with any entities outside of the WED and FleetCarma.

For more information call FleetCarma at (800)975-2434 or WED at (203)294-2280.